Aaron was born in 1938 in Limerick Ireland as the son of a green grocer...wait that's Terry Wogan. Always getting us two mixed up. Aaron (why do you have to write this biography in the third person?) was born in none of your damn business and why do you care in 1987. He... I... dammit. I started writing as a way to escape mental health issues, namely depression, and attempt to use a mixture of humour, satire and swearing to discuss many different subjects. You can follow me on twitter under the name @TechnicallyRon, if you want to, you don't have to. 

His first book, Life-Abet: An A-Z Existence , was published by Blink in November 2015. In this, intelligent and witty accurate visual dictionary, Aaron analyses today's most popular everyday parlance and pursuits amongst 19 to 35 year-olds to hilarious effect. A laugh out loud gift book for all year round!