Bettina was endorsed early on by Jamie Oliver, who commissions her to write for With over 114k instagram followers, Bettina’s plant-based, nourishing and bold recipes, inspired by her mixed heritage and multicultural existence, is fast gaining a huge audience. 

Born in Tanzania, she was brought up by a Norwegian father and a Danish/Bulgarian mother before they moved to Sweden when Bettina was 12. Now living back in London after a decade in southern Spain and married to an Italian, it’s fair to say Bettina was never short of culinary inspiration.

With a background in hospitality since the age of 15, she started working as a food and beverage manager in a hotel in Marbella in the early 2000s. While there, her health started to deteriorate and she was diagnosed with Polysitstic Ovary Syndrome and endometriosis and she decided to quit her job and start researching natural ways to get her body back to normal. During that period she co-founded Detox Retreats and set out to create indulgent recipes that felt comforting, recognisable and visually appealing.

After re-educating herself officially by studying nutrition, Bettina´s Kitchen was born and she started her blog, running workshops, retreats and documenting her journey on social media. 

Her first book, Happy Food, was published in May 2018 by Hardie Grant, with the follow up coming in late 2019.

 “When it comes to special occasions, Jamie Oliver recommends healthy birthday-party treats by the blogger Bettina Campolucci Bordi” - The Sunday Times

“The green goddess of goodness Bettina Campolucci-Bordi of Bettina’s Kitchen, [is] a global leader in plant based eating. Her inventive and colourful dishes are so tasty; it’s easy to forget how healthy they are. Fully vegan and plant based, importantly no meal feels like a punishment. Warm and friendly, Bettina is knowledgeable about her field" - You Magazine