Excluding a short period in the summer of 2004 when she wanted to replace Kofi Annan as leader of the United Nations, Em Clarkson has always wanted to write. After leaving school and opting not to go to University, Em travelled for a little bit before moving to Dublin to live with her Irish boyfriend. After trying and failing at every job under the sun, they returned to London where Em discovered her Social Media talents and started a small Online Marketing Business.
After writing for the Sun, Sunday Times and Teen Tatler, Em found herself incensed after watching an advert for a company called Pretty Little Thing who didn’t stock bigger than a Size 12, and Pretty Normal Me, Em’s blog, was born. www.prettynormalme.com. The blog aimed to talk to normal women with real bodies and real lives and both Em and the campaign hit headlines in November 2014 after Em stood up in support of Page 3, publishing a piece in The Sun and taking part in a Radio 4 debate. It has grown from strength to strength since then and although controversial at times, has a great range of contributors and supporters.

In 2017, Simon & Schuster will publish Can I Speak to Someone In Charge?, a collection of open letters aiming to address the issues that compel her - why are eating disorders at an all time high? Are women our own worst enemies when it comes to self esteem? Who is most complicit in this daily battle for self worth? - and her agenda for a nicer, happier approach to one another and ourselves. 

A fresh, modern take on feminism and life from one of the most compelling voices of her generation’ - Jane Moore

‘Grounded in an easy, relevant and accessible feminism, and her influences, from Susie Orbach to Caitlin Moran…she's going to be a mouthpiece for her generation.  Em has an easy style. It is clear, direct and it sits on just the right side of polemical to be both a stirring call to action and a simple fun read.” – Kate Spicer