Suzanne Harrington has at various points been a journalist, TEFL teacher, a dole claimer, a backpacker, a youth worker, a painter, a wardrobe assistant, a washer-upper, a pen pusher, a house cleaner, a comic bagger, a market stall holder and a cake maker. She is a columnist for the Irish Examiner and also writes for the Irish Independent, Irish Times and the Guardian. Her touching, hilarious, brutally honest and utterly compelling memoir, The Liberty Tree, was published to critical acclaim by Atlantic Books in 2013. She lives in Brighton and is currently writing her first novel.

"Harrington has a powerful story and is a gifted storyteller." - John Sutherland, The Times

“Harrington writes extremely well about the nature of alcoholism…The Liberty Tree may give hope, and that, in part, is what books are for.” – The Observer

“The book has all the hallmarks of a bestseller. It is original and unputdownable. I devoured it in almost one sitting” – The Irish Independent

“The Liberty Tree is a misery memoir extraordinaire: moving, riveting, beautifully written and profoundly disquieting.” – The Bookseller