Isobel Harrop is an twenty-year-old girl from the North West of England, squished somewhere between Manchester and Liverpool. She recently finished college, where she studied A-Level English Literature, English Language and Media Studies. Now she's down in the South of England, studying English Literature "somewhere a bit more interesting". The Isobel Journal is her first book that wasn't made using the school photocopier and staples. Inspired by Peanuts comics and 1960s design, Isobel loves to draw whenever she gets a chance. When she isn't working or drawing, you might find her fawning over cute animals on the internet (especially sea otters!), eating vast amount of chocolate in all its forms, and collecting stuff that she doesn't need from charity shops. Follow Isobel at: or on Twitter: @IsobelJournal

“This book is head and eye and mind bliss. I want to print every page onto a t-shirt and wear one everyday to show them off to the world.” - Laura Dockrill

“For something completely different, teenage girls will enjoy The Isobel Journal ... a witty snapshot of adolescent life today.” – The Daily Express

“A charmingly idiosyncratic scrapbook…the journal is immediately immersive, placing readers directly into Isobel’s world. …” - Kirkus Reviews