John Martin Robinson is an historian and acclaimed author of over twenty books, including studies of the Wyatts and the architecture of recent country houses. He worked for the Greater London Council Historic Buildings Division from 1974 to 1986.  He serves as Maltravers Herald Extraordinary, one of Her Majesty's Officers of Arms, and is Librarian to the Duke of Norfolk.  He is Vice-Chairman of the Georgian Group, and a partner in Historic Buildings Consultants, founded to assist private property owners and developers get the most out of their architectural heritage and involved in a wide range of prestigious restoration projects.

For over thirty years he has been an architectural writer for Country Life magazine, and his written several books on Regency period country houses. His recent Felling the Ancient Oaks: How England Lost its Great Country Estates (Aurum 2012) tells the story of England’s most egregious losses and was followed by James Wyatt, 1746-1813 - Architect to George III (Yale University Press and Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, 2012)  and Requisitioned: the British Country House in the Second World War (Aurum 2014).