Chris Salewicz has been writing about music and pop culture for twenty-five years. He was at the NME in the 1970s and early 1980s and has written copiously for The Sunday Times, The Face and Q magazine. Renowned author of Bob Marley: the Untold Story, Redemption Song: the Definitive Biography of Joe Strummer and much more. He is currently finishing his next book, out with HarperCollins in 2018. 

His latest book, Dead Gods (Quercus, 2015) details and celebrates the members of the "27 Club", the group of exceptionally talented musicians who died at the same tragically young age. In these intimate mini-biographies, Salewicz provides a startling portrayal of the perils of genius and the true cost of fame. 

“Thought-provoking and perceptive” - GQ on The 27 Club

Previous praise:

“Epic, revealing biography” – The Observer
“Truly definitive.”– Rolling Stone
“One of the most rivetingly detailed,  revealing music biographies ever written.” - The Sunday Times
 “Passionate and detailed.” - Robert Christgau, The New York Times Book Review
 “Salewicz’s biography is a labour of love that definitively captures the man’s humanity – his complex, volatile, and vulnerable soul.” - Jon Savage
 “Substantial, compelling.” -  Paul Morley