Louie Stowell was born in London in 1978, making her old enough to remember when computer games ran on cassettes, but young enough to be grateful every time she remembers that she never has to go to school ever again.  She studied English at Exeter College Oxford, where she loved Old English, wrote essays about comics and drew cartoons for the Cherwell and The Oxford Student.

Louie is an in-house writer and editor for Usborne Publishing.  She’s written dozens of books, including stories about vampires, retellings of ancient myths and fairytales, geeky books about how spaceships work and the Usborne Write Your Own Story Book.  Louie runs story-writing and comics-making workshops at literary festivals and schools, and she writes and draws a webcomic about gods living in the suburbs.  She also writes interactive fiction for Fiction Express.  One of her interactive stories, The School for Supervillains will be published by Readzone this year.

Louie is currently working on a funny YA novel about zombies called The Cleaner.  She's on Twitter  @louiestowell