A brief history of the agency

Johnson & Alcock Ltd was formed in 2003 by the merger of John Johnson Ltd and Michael Alcock Management.

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John Johnson Ltd was a well-established literary agency, founded in 1956 and originally based on Henrietta Street in Mayfair. In 1977 the agency was taken over by Andrew Hewson, who ran it with his wife and fellow-agent Margaret until her death in August 2002. Their list comprised of well-known commercial and literary novelists, poets, playwrights, and serious non-fiction authors.

Michael Alcock Management was founded in 1997, and its younger and predominantly non-fiction client list complemented the John Johnson list perfectly. The merger in 2003 brought together the two lists as Johnson & Alcock Ltd and settled the new agency in offices on Clerkenwell Green, in London’s literary heartland.

In June 2015 the agency acquired Fox Mason literary agency, and in 2017 left Clerkenwell behind and moved to Bloomsbury, where they now share premises with Faber & Faber. 

Now well into our sixth decade, Johnson & Alcock boasts a vibrant list of fiction and non-fiction, for both children and adults, and are proud to represent prizewinning and bestselling authors across the genres and in all forms of media, both in the UK and internationally. 

Our ethos is a simple one: be exactly the representative our authors need us to be. And the selected co-agents we use are charged to do likewise. We believe a smaller agency is able to offer authors a tailored, more personal service, and the continuing success of our authors and of the agency is a testament to this.

Please see specific biographies of the four agents under the 'agents' tab, and submission guidelines under 'submissions'. If you wish to get in contact for any reason you can email the relevant agent directly on [firstname]