John Broderick (1924 - 1989) was an Irish novelist and journalist. Born and raised in Athlone, County Westmeath, he lived in Paris in the 1950s but spent most of his life in Ireland. He lived out his last years in Bath.

He wrote book reviews and general articles for The Irish Times and Hibernia magazine throughout his life, and as a critic he was frequently controversial. His first novel, The Pilgrimage (1961) was banned by the Irish Censorship Board, and it was followed by works including An Apology for Roses (1973), The Pride of Summer (1976), London Irish (1979) and The Trial of Father Dillingham (1982).

Broderick was elected to membership of the Irish Academy of Letters in 1968, and in 1975 received the Academy's Annual Award for Literature. The Westmeath County Library system has a collection of his papers, manuscripts and other materials. In 1999 Athlone Town Council named a street John Broderick Street.