Tom Cox is a bestselling writer, Norfolk-dweller, and folk music aficionado. He has written books about cats, pop music, cats, golf, cats, and writes The 21st Century Yokel column for the Guardian. He has been nominated for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year, but is best known for his “Moggy Trilogy” of books about being a cat man: UNDER THE PAW, TALK TO THE TAIL, and THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE FURRY.

The star of these books is The Bear, Tom’s 18-year old rescue cat and melancholy spirit guide, who tweets at @MYSADCAT and has over 60,000 followers. Of the other cats, Ralph tweets as @MYSMUGCAT and Shipley as @MYSWEARYCAT. The youngest of the tribe, Shipley, is yet to get in on the act. You can find Tom himself at @cox_tom.