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Martin Jensen is a multi-award winning Danish crime writer, known for his medieval crime novels in #1 bestselling The King's Hounds series. 

A former teacher, he came to writing late and has since established himself as a major force in Danish literature. The author of more than twenty novels, he has been honored by the Danish Crime Academy twice, was awarded the Royal Library’s Prize for his medieval novel The Soldiers’ Whore, and The Organisation of Danish Libraries' Prize for his life’s work (one of the most prestigious awards in Denmark). He is currently President of the Danish Crime Fiction Academy. 

His books have been critically acclaimed across Denmark, and The King's Hounds series is now translated into English and has sold around the world. Set in the 11th century in the reign of King Canute, the series features Winston, a manuscript illuminator, and his sidekick Halfdan. Each volume has been an Amazon #1 bestseller and total global sales now exceed 100,000 copies, with the series drawing favourable comparisons to Bernard Cornwell's Viking Trilogy.

Martin is best known in Denmark for the award-winning Bailiff Eske Litle series, featuring a tenacious medieval bailiff. He has also written several standalone historical novels, a series of more literary contemporary novels, and a travel book.

He and his wife are botany enthusiasts who enjoy bird-watching and gathering mushrooms. Martin lives and writes in Denmark, and is a regular visitor to the UK.